What to Do When You Feel Like the World Sucks


I’ll be frank here: some bad shit has happened over the past week. Year. Lifetime. Whatever your parameters, life occasionally gets confusing and wretched, and you may even feel like the world you love has turned against you.

People handle this crushing and crippling feeling in various ways. I like to dialogue issues. Some like to avoid news (I’ve done that, too). Some start petitions or withdraw or eat their feelings or live in a state of fear or even denial. There is no right way to process grief, in my opinion. It is such an individual process. But the truth is that when some of us hurt, our society—our world—hurts.

So if you need to see something great happen, here are some great ways to start it yourself.

  1. Donate to Your Favorite Cause

What is important to you? Issues like global warming, pollution, insufficient education, hunger, thirst, disease and more (and more) exist in our world. Take time to research some nonprofits or movements you agree with, and see how you can help. Any gift will help, and donating will make you feel better. Subscribe to newsletters to see what positive changes charities are making in the world.

  1. Volunteer Time

Your time is invaluable, so spend it tutoring a middle school student, reading to a child in preschool, building homes overseas or working pro bono. Use your skills to change the world. Use your body by donating blood or plasma. Use your belongings by donating unwanted clothes, unopened food, etc. You can make a difference.

  1. Spread Stories of Love

It’s important to know what’s going on, but not just the bad things. You’ll have to dig to find stories about people saving each other or doing something selfless, but they are out there! It’s such an easy way to balance out some of the heartache. Even a little.

  1. Teach Peace

You cannot change other people. You cannot eliminate radical or hateful behavior of any person, race, religion, age, gender, etc. But you can lead by example. People look up to you, whether it’s a child, sibling, co-worker, or even spouse. You are a leader by the way you live your life. So live it peacefully. Extend grace and love. Don’t be quick to anger.

The world sucks sometimes. But people like you and I can change that.

What are some ways you make your world a better place?


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