What the F*** is a resolution? (And other thoughts about 2016)

So it’s a new year, and it’s that time when you question what you did over the last year and really hope it was something great.

via The Odyssey Online

Granted, I can hardly remember if I fed my cat without looking at his food bowl, but sure, Facebook, take me down memory lane. Anyone who knows me (KNOWS I’M AWESOME MWUAHAHAHA. JUST KIDDING) … knows that I’ve had some pretty rough years. But this yearly recap was full of love, fluffy things, family, and the loss of a fluffy thing.

It was also full of writing and reading.

And any year with those loves of mine is a good year. So once you finally remember what you’ve done with your life over the last 365 days, you’re expected to resolve to be better, healthier and less of a douche bag.


There’s a lot of flack about resolutions out there. I even saw a candy ad that was like, “Hey, we know you’re not going to keep that resolution. Eat this candy.”

So resolutions, good idea, or the Donald Trump of holiday traditions? (If you’re a Trump supporter, I’m sorry I’m not sorry.)

The thing is — the pressure to immediately top last year is a little intense. That’s almost like slapping 2015 in the face, screaming it wasn’t good enough, it never put down the toilet seat, and it had horrid morning breath.

It’s okay to celebrate your year. The you that happened last year.

But it’s not horrible to look forward either.

So what the f*** is a resolution? Optimism. It’s not always a hard-set goal with a color-coded spreadsheet. It’s not always a make-or-break arrangement, where if you eat that candy you’re just shitty at living. It’s not that black and white, and it’s all gray. (If you mention a “romance” book here, just go.)

A resolution is APPRECIATION for who you were last year. It’s a celebration of you. It’s looking forward with your headlights to see twists and turns in the cliché metaphorical road.

It’s you … continuing to be awesome. So make goals. Even call them resolutions. Even check in at the gym or take pictures of your floss container or your straight-A report card. NEVER stop celebrating your accomplishments.

But have grace with yourself when you fall short of your own goals, and remember who you really are, regardless of a checklist.


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