Haunting Books That Will Scare You an Acceptable Amount

It’s 2 a.m. You’re reading that creepy book you can’t put down. The blinds rustle, but you know it’s just the cat. You turn the page.

file8371319651521And then you realize the cat isn’t in your bedroom.

And the door is shut.

And whatever rattled the blinds is most certainly a) a ghost and b) going to kill you.

This is what reading horror does to a person, and while I’ve never understood the appeal of voluntarily letting someone scare you out of your wits, I’ve finally found a few books that are just the right level of creepy.

Creepy enough to keep you turning the page.

Not creepy enough to destroy your ability to leave your house or talk to humans.

I’ve had “Anna Dressed in Blood” by Kendare Blake on my Kindle for a while, and I finally sat down to read it last weekend. Holy cow, I’m so glad I did. Let’s start with the protagonist: Cas. He’s a seriously cool dude. He kills ghosts for a living. He’s like the James Bond of the ghost-killing world except younger, less rich, and less Pierce Brosnan. His mom is a witch of sorts, and she just melts your heart. It’s such a cool family dynamic.

And then you have Anna.

Oh, Anna. I can’t really talk about her too much without giving it away, but she has depth. This ghost has depth. And you don’t know how to feel about her throughout the whole book, until the end. And then you feel a lot of things.

I finished this one in two days and it was the perfect read to gear up for Halloween.

Another haunting read is one I finished last year: “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” by April Genevieve Tucholke. I read that one in a few days as well, and it is mega creepy. The gothic style and setting is so captivating. The main characters are twisted and the plot is unexpected. It’s a wild, creepy, terrifying ride I only halfway wanted to get off of.

So, if you’re looking for some good YA to freak you out a decent amount, but not traumatize you for life, I’d go with these books. They also have sequels if you want more when you finish (which you will.)

What’s your favorite Halloween read? Comment for 4.5 fangirl/fanboy points!


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