Zen Garden of Environmental Nirvana (As It Pertains to Readers)

readingThere’s a sacred spot at my office. It has chairs. It has tables. It has the soothing sound of a manmade waterfall fountain. Really, it’s like nature is with me there, well, sort of.

What’s that? The perfect place to read during lunch? My, I do agree.

Except for another thing it has. PEOPLE. People who sit down and take a phone call. People who TALK to each other. People who are loud. People with coughs. People who breathe.

How dare they disturb my reading time in this public space? Do they not understand the moral code of finding someone with a nose in their book? Leave them alone. Maybe hand them a pastry and a bookmark. But for God’s sake, don’t talk to them.

It occurred to me that not everyone knows this code, and also, that nowhere is safe. You could be in the last chapter of the last Harry Potter book and thunder could strike, or a bulldozer could take out a wall (there are only four!), or the Loch Ness monster could climb out of the sea and rampage in or around your reading area. NOWHERE IS SAFE.

What about the library? Are you kidding? That place attracts rebels. Teens who want to be shushed as many times as possible. Kids who cry because they want both the Thomas the Train book and the Elmo book. (For the love of God, check them both out. They are free!)

We readers — we fight a noble fight. We venture on a semi-sacred journey to seek inner and outer peace. We will find our Zen gardens one day, our environmental nirvana. But until that day, if you see a reader, try to keep it down.


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