Five Reasons You Should Meet Leigh Bardugo (or Else Continue Being Lame)

Meeting Leigh at the North Texas Teen Book Festival.
Meeting Leigh at the North Texas Teen Book Festival.

If you haven’t read the Grisha trilogy, well, what the heck are you doing with your life? Work, you say? Paying bills, doing laundry? Let me ask you one question; does any of that involve a rich Russian-inspired fantasy world with characters that simultaneously make you want to swoon and Hulk smash ALL THE THINGS?

I didn’t think so.

I read Shadow and Bone about four years ago and fell in love. The world is dark and light, and so are all of the characters. No one is purely good or purely evil, which is so refreshing in a world like the one Bardugo creates.

The second book, Siege and Storm, introduces an adorably arrogant privateer/prince that you wouldn’t mind hunting mythological animals with (if you know what I mean. Wait, what do I mean?)

And the third book, Ruin and Rising … is sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be read! I know, I know. But I had to reread Siege and Storm because it’s been a few years (and a few beers.)

So who is this mystical author of the Grisha trilogy? Why, her name is Leigh Bardugo, and I met her in March at the North Texas Teen Book Festival. We had tea and became the best of friends, and by that I mean she signed my book and I gushed about being a writer and other nonsensical things.

Here are five reasons you should also meet Leigh, and also gush about nonsensical things:

1.) She’s hilarious. Between her and Sarah Rees Brennan, these ladies stole the show at NTTBF panels. She talked about how tripped up boys get in fantasy worlds when strong girls enter the scene. Let’s just say, there was talk about hips and curves and some definite swaying.

2.) She’ll ask you who your favorite character is and you’ll be like, Alina, NO Mal, NO the DARKLING! Oh my god what’s wrong with me? Why do I like the villain so much? I’m going to start blasting shadow demons out of my fingers, aren’t I?

3.) Her books are damn beautiful. Ever looked in the mirror before a date or dance or something and thought, wow I don’t think I could look more awesome than this? That rare and fleeting moment that you never quite grasp again? That’s how looking at her books feels. The covers = amazing. The inside map = drooooooool. And hey, the writing is beautiful too! I know it’s not all about beauty, but it is definitely about art. And this my fangirls/boys, is art that is so arty that it’s like, beyond art.

4.) She works with other authors you freaking love. She contributed to the anthology Slasher Girls and Monster Boys, along with authors you just MIGHT have heard of like: Marie Lu, April Tucholke, Nova Ren Suma, Kendare Blake, A.G. Howard and more. Awesome times awesome to the power of awesome.

5.) She ain’t finished yet. Six of Crows, set in the Grishaverse, is releasing on Sept 29, but you can get the book early in Irving! The Magic and Mayhem Tour is coming to DFW (among other lesser cities), and you’ll get that chance to gush and go crazy just like I did. I’ll be at the Irving event. Will you?

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